Icon Name Type Attack Class Faction Shop Price Sell Price
Wooden Spear Wooden Spear D 12~18 Novice Spearman Any N/A 0g
Basic Spear Basic Spear D 17~27 Novice Spearman Any 700g or as a
Quest Reward
Long Spear Long Spear C 24~35 Spearman Any 1,400g 420g
Diamond Spear Diamond Spear C 29~43 Spearman Any Quest Reward 1,050g
Crescent Spear Crescent Spear C 41~55 Spearman Any 12,500g 3,750g
Serpent Spear Serpent Spear C 53~67 Spearman Any Quest Reward 7,980g
Burning Spear Burning Spear C 65~79 Spearman Any 121,750g 36,525g
Cascade Spear Cascade Spear C 77~92 Spearman Any Drop only 94,050g
Half Moon Spear Half Moon Spear B 93~108 Wolf Striker Order 465,000g 139,500g
Binary Spear Binary Spear B 93~108 Fearless Charger Chaos 465,000g 139,500g
Crystal Spear Crystal Spear B 109~124 Wolf Striker Order 744,000g 223,200g
Raven Spear Raven Spear B 109~124 Fearless Charger Chaos 744,000g 223,200g
Axehead Spear Axehead Spear B 125~140 Wolf Striker Order 1,475,000g 442,500g
Cleaving Spear Cleaving Spear B 125~140 Fearless Charger Chaos 1,475,000g 442,500g
Crown Spear Crown Spear B 141~156 Wolf Striker Order Drop Only
Frost Spear Frost Spear B 141~156 Fearless Charger Chaos Drop Only
Triad Spear Triad Spear A 161~176 Dragon Champion Order 3,765,000g
Mercury Spear Mercury Spear A 161~176 Brutal Destroyer Chaos 3,765,000g
Talon Spear Talon Spear A 175~196 Dragon Champion Order 5,690,000g
Enigmatic Spear Enigmatic Spear A 175~196 Brutal Destroyer Chaos 5,690,000g
Dragon's Fang Spear Dragon's Fang Spear A 194~216 Dragon Champion Order Drop Only
Demonic Phoenix Spear Demonic Phoenix Spear A 194~216 Brutal Destroyer Chaos Drop Only
Divine Purge Spear Divine Purge Spear AA 214~236 Chunlong Order 15,750,000g
Fire Trident Spear Fire Trident Spear AA 214~236 Asura Chaos 15,750,000g
Spear of Artesian Purification Spear of Artesian Purification AA 234~256 Chunlong Order Drop Only
Spear of the Fallen Soul Spear of the Fallen Soul AA 234~256 Asura Chaos Drop Only
Spear of the TaeGuk Triumverate Spear of the TaeGuk Triumverate AA 255~278 Chunlong Order Drop Only
Spear of Demonic Inferno Spear of Demonic Inferno AA 255~278 Asura Chaos Drop Only
o11 Silver Moon Spear 275~298 Chunlong Order Drop Only
c11 Spear of the Demonic Spirit 275~298 Asura Chaos Drop Only
o12 Spear of Justice 295~318 Chunlong Order Drop Only
c12 Spear of the Dark Spirit 295~318 Asura Chaos Drop Only
o13 Spear of Divine Heaven 317~340 Chunlong Order Drop Only
c13 Spear of the Divine Four Spirits 317~340 Asura Chaos Drop Only