First Promotion Request
Central Valley Guards' Armor
Required Level 10
Faction Any
Start Lady Tae
Quest Items 1 Boar's Leg, 3 Wolf's Bone
Reward 10,000g, Class Promotion

Walkthrough Edit

Requirements: Before beginning the quest, you must open your Status window and make sure that you have distributed all your ability points.

Start the quest by talkng to Lady Tae. Then head southwest of Lady Tae and talk to Lynn. She will tell you that she needs something to eat to finish the repairs on the armor. Go over to Holly, who is just north of Lynn, and she will offer to make some food for Lynn if you get her 1 Boar's Leg. Head out the southwest gate and follow the path until you come to a group of Wild Boars. Kill them until you receive 1 Boar's Leg. Head back to Holly and she will give you 1 Roasted Boar Meat. Take the meat to Lynn and she will give you the Central Valley Guards' Armor and tell you to visit Chan. Talk to Chan, who is a bit east of Lynn, and he will ask you to visit Hugh to get medicine for his hurt finger. Hugh is north of Chan and will ask you to get 3 Wolf's Bones which when ground and placed against the wound will help it heal quickly. Go out the town exit by Chan and follow the path to the southeast. Kill Wolves there until you get 3 Wolf's Bones. Return to Hugh and he will give you the medicine for Chan. Take the medicine to Chan and he will give you Central Valley Guards' Sword. Bring the sword and armor to Lady Tae to complete the quest.

Quest Items Edit

  • Boar's Leg 1 Boar's Leg
  • Roasted Boar Meat 1 Roasted Boar Meat
  • Central Valley Guards' Armor 1 Central Valley Guards' Armor
  • Wolf's Bone 3 Wolf's Bone
  • Chan's Medicine 1 Chan's Medicine
  • Central Valley Guards' Sword 1 Central Valley Guards' Sword