Central Valley is the "centre" of the world, with order and chaos branching off of this place. This is also considered the "starting" world as all new player are created in Central Valley.


In Central Valley, there are 4 main NPC's: Don, Hugh, Lynn, and Chan.

Chan provides a Enchanting and Enhancing services. He also sells level 34 and below weapons.

Don is the main storage of Central Valley. He has two different storage areas, Personal and General. Personal storage is only accessible for your the character you are currently on and General is accessible from any of your characters.


Earth 1, Central Valley is the shopping centre of Scions of Fate. Like most MMORPGs Scions of Fate has a distinct section of shops. This area probably came around since sellers wanted to have their shops open in the most active world (world 1) and buyers, now knowing that sellers are located in Earth 1 will often go there just to shop. As there is a continual supply of buyers/sellers Central Valley contains a very large number of buyers and sellers.