Banker Don's Request
Evil Psychic's Tessen
Required Level 27
Faction Any
Start Don
Quest Items 10 Evil Psychic's Tessen, 10 Fallen Monk's Robe
Reward 5,000 exp, 2,000 Ki, 1 Ruby

Walkthrough Edit

Start the quest by speaking to Don. Don sees many different items at his job and has recently become obsessed with an Evil Psychic's Tessen. He requests that you bring him 10 Evil Psychic's Tessen as he can not leave his spot to get them himself. Exit the town through the southwest gate and follow the path to reach an area filled with Evil Psychics and Fallen Monks. Kill Evil Psychics until you have 10 Evil Psychic's Tessen. Bring the tessens to Don and since you are in the business of doing him favors, he will ask you to bring him 10 Fallen Monk's Robe. Return to where you fought the Evil Psychics and kill Fallen Monks until you have 10 Fallen Monk's Robe. Return to town and give the robes to Don for your reward.

Quest Items Edit

  • Evil Psychic's Tessen 10 Evil Psychic's Tessen
  • Fallen Monk's Robe 10 Fallen Monk's Robe