Scions of Fate does not officially offer a way for users to automatically login to the game. However, when a user is logged in to the Scions of Fate website within Internet Explorer, clicking the Game Start icon will start the game and log you in to the game. Using this knowledge, one can create a desktop shortcut that, like the game start icon, will start the game and login to the server.

Creating the Autologin Shortcut Edit

  1. Download, extract, and run Process Explorer
  2. Login to the Scions of Fate website in Internet Explorer
  3. Click the Game Start icon on the left side of the website to start the Scions of Fate launcher
  4. In Process Explorer, find launcher.exe, right-click it, and click Properties
  5. In the new window that pops up, right-click in the Command Line text box and click Select All and then right-click -> Copy
  6. Right-click the desktop and click New -> Shortcut
  7. In the Create Shortcut dialog, paste the text from the clipboard into the Type the location of the item text box.
  8. Click Next and type a name for the shortcut
  9. Click Finish

Now, whenever you run Scions of Fate using the desktop shortcut, you will not need to type in your username or password.