Icon Name Faction Level Defense Shop Price Sell Price
Cunning Leather Armor Cunning Leather Armor Any 15 10 Quest Reward 5,250g
Ethereal Leather Armor Ethereal Leather Armor Any 25 15 Quest Reward 12,000g
Bronze Body Armor Bronze Body Armor Any 35 20 Drop Only 22,500g
Gold Body Armor Gold Body Armor Any 45 25 Drop Only
Steel Body Armor Steel Body Armor Any 55 30 Drop Only
Flaming Soul Armor Flaming Soul Armor Any 65 35 Drop Only
Elemental Soul Armor Elemental Soul Armor Any 75 40 Drop Only
Celestial Soul Armor Celestial Soul Armor Any 85 45 Drop Only
Ultimate Armor of Invincibility Ultimate Armor of Invincibility Any 95 57 Drop Only